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The Abbey Clinic 2015 Summary

The Abbey Clinic 2015 Summary

15 December 2015

The Abbey Clinic 2015 Summary

Thank you for being a current or historical customer of The Abbey Clinic and I hope this letter finds you well and injury free!

As well as sending you good wishes for the season I thought I’d also let you know about some of the developments at the clinic over the last 12months.

We have further expanded our clinic, now offering over 20 different health services, please take a look at our new website to get a greater insight in to what we can offer.

From our surveys we continue to have 100% of our customers saying that they would recommend us to their friends, so thankyou to all of you for that support.

We have had a very busy year, with over 12,000 customer appointments!

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Our Physiotherapy team continues to offer a formidable level of expertise and broad range of skills  including Acupuncture, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Activation Therapy, Pilates, TMJ and Vestibular re-education, these are on top of their excellent manual and rehabilitation skills. The average level of clinical expertise within our clinicians is over 16 years which means we have an amazing depth of clinical knowledge to call on when you visit us.

Our physios’ have been busy outside the clinic as well. Bridget Burleigh worked at the first ever European Games covering a number of different sports. She also continues to work with England U18’s Men’s and Women’s Hockey teams at their various championships.

My Staff all continue to push themselves sports wise as well, with 2 Marathons and  a run up Snowdon  and walk to Everest Base Camp .(None done by me I’m afraid!) We can certainly offer our clients expertise in sports training. This is an area we are continuing to expand with Roz Burn our late stage rehab specialist .We now offer Running Clinics which look at your running style/training methods and Bike assessments. Both of these can be used to better your technique, PB’s plus they are also great for injury prevention.

This year we have been accredited as an AposTherapy Certified site. This is a form of therapy which has been proved to have great rehabilitation effects on knees and a highly effective alternative to knee surgery. It is also effective for other musculoskeletal conditions. It was developed by Orthopods and is based around a unique individually-adjusted device that is worn on the foot for around an hour a day whilst going about normal daily activities. Over 50,000 patients have already been treated worldwide and it is currently covered by most insurance companies. If you would like to learn more you can look at our website under Our Services page, for AposTherapy. After 3 months, I am really pleased with the results we are getting for our patients.

Our Women’s and Men’s health continues to do well. We are fortunate to have Diane Wootton, she has over 20 years experience in this area, she feels early intervention and diagnosis of these conditions and treatment of these problems leads to fantastic results.

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Our Osteopaths, continue to be very busy. Rebecca Johnson has left us temporarily for a year in Canada. Baden Johnson continues to have a great following and he has been joined by Toby Pollard- Smith. Toby as well as being an Osteopath is an ex Royal Ballet Dancer so loves applying this movement knowledge to his clients.

Sonja Cimelli our podiatrist is very busy with clients, she also specializes in orthotics for ski boots which can make a big difference to how much you enjoy your skiing holiday. Sonja continues to compete at National level in Street Dancing and actually danced at Sadlers Wells this year! Rebeca Gomez, has completed surgical training and continues to have a loyal following of clients at the clinic. We are fortunate to have such highly qualified Podiatrists at the clinic.

We have four fantastic sports masseurs; Julia Hazelwood, Natalie Monrowe, Dave Harper and Roz Burn. Julia is also qualified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Natalie as a Reflexologist specialising in reflexology for pregnant women. Our sports masseurs are very busy, I have seen a real shift in peoples approach to Sports Massage as they realise that it is a great way to keep your musculoskeletal system moving well.

Simon Cheung, our Acupuncturist has a very loyal following and offers an alternative approach to our client’s problems. He will often work alongside the other clinicians in treating the patients. You may not be aware that acupuncture can work really well in the treatment of allergy disorders such as Hay-fever and Asthma. A large number of students have been greatly helped through their exams by seeing Simon.

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Our counsellor, Christine Everley BACP, is a great asset to the clinic, she offers Person Centred and cognitive behaviour based counselling. She is now able to offer couple counselling as well. The first session is free as we appreciate that many people are nervous to try this therapy. Christine has also been working very closely with our Nutritionist Beverley Gibbs. People’s dietary problems are often both food and emotion based. By working together and offering people support in both areas, the results you can achieve are fantastic and sustainable. Beverley also offers body composition screening which can highlight to people what and why they need to start to address their nutrition.

As well as specialising in Sports Injuries we are more than happy to treat any musculo-skeletal injuries and do offer other specialist areas such as, TMJ and Vestibular  Rehabilitation.

If you would like further information on any of the above services or just to discuss whether our services would be appropriate for you, please either take a look at our new web site  or do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 481866.

You can also follow us on Facebook…… or Twitter…...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Yours sincerely,

Gillian Morgan MCSP HPC

Proprietor The Abbey Clinic 

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