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The Patient Journey

The Patient Journey

  • Before attending the clinic, you must fill in and return/e-mail our Coronavirus Patient Consent Form back to the clinic.
  • Opening hours are as normal
  • Telephone Health Screening will be used for all new and returning patients.
  • Following on from your Health Screening as advised by our Governing Bodies, appointments will only be offered to patients where a video consultation will not effectively resolve symptoms and where those symptoms are significantly affecting their work, care duties or wellbeing.
  • Appointment times we are still allowing a gap between each appointment to allow for rigorous cleaning, allowing staff to put on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • We will only allow 1 person in the treatment room at a time, the only exception to this is anyone under 16 or those with special needs who may need a chaperone or carer present. If you need to be driven to your appointment your driver will be asked to stay in the car at all times during your treatment or there is a lovely café on site in the main sports complex.
  • On arrival at the clinic, we would ask you to wait in your car until your appointment time.
  • You will be entering the building by walking past the main door and following the building round to check in by the window. You can then either choose to walk back round to the other door and wait inside in the waiting area or you may choose to continue to wait outside under our Gazebo. Your clinician will collect you.
  • You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival in the clinical area and we will ask all patients to wear a mask. We would prefer that you bring your own however we can provide you with one on arrival.
  • You will have needed to sign and e-mail back the Coronavirus Patient Consent Form attached before treatment.
  • Please e-mail the signed consent form to the clinic before you arrive.
  • We ask that you allow your therapist to open all doors during your appointment (as appropriate) and if you need to use any equipment, we will ensure that equipment is wiped down after use.
  • Once your appointment is finished, your clinician will show you to reception, where payment can be made, CARD only, no cash at present. We would prefer pre -payment on booking as this would help us to minimise your time spent in the clinic.
  • Leaving is through the waiting area.
  • Please only stand in the doorway to the office and do not enter. When payment is due, temporarily step forward to enter your pin and then step back. Once you have finished, please let leave via the usual route.
  • Please be assured that The Abbey Clinic will follow all the Public Health England guidelines regarding cleaning and PPE and where possible still adhere to social distancing guidelines.


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