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Roz Burn

Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, Running Clinic, Sports Massage, Remote Video Consultation

11 years experience

Qualifications: HND in Sports Therapy, MA in Strength and Conditioning

Roz is enthusiastic about movement, fitness, sport and life.

Roz gained a HND in Sports Therapy and immediately started working in a physiotherapy department where her skills were directed towards Hydrotherapy and Rehabilitation.  She has a keen interest in mid-to-late rehabilitation, sports, health and fitness. This combined with the desire for personal development led to the decision to do an MA in Strength and Conditioning with St Mary's University in Twickenham, which she successfully completed in July 2013.  Roz also undertakes sports massage.

Rehabilitation in essence is returning lost function and form. As a sports rehabilitator her aim is returning but also improving that lost function and form.

By working on a one to one basis and tailoring a programme to the needs of the individual, the development of specific goals can be targeted with the ultimate aim at improved performance for the desired task, whether to run a marathon, climb a mountain, return to a team sport, lose weight or to improve exercise tolerance.

At the clinic , Roz works closely with the other clinicians  to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Sport Specialties 

Keen swimmer, especially outdoors and strength training.

Rugby - both men and women's teams.

Athletics and cricket.

Team / Individuals Treated

Has worked with Football teams and Rugby Union 15's and 7's teams


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