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Dietary and Nutritional Services

Advice to attain and maintain a healthy body

How Can Dietary and Nutritional Advice help me?

At the Abbey Clinic we aim to offer you help with in Weight Management and Nutrition. If you have tried on your own but failed, then we can help! Whether that’s to lose a little (or a lot of) weight, then we have the solutions to finally break the vicious cycle of yo-yo-dieting and achieve success. Or maybe you enjoy sports and keeping fit, but are still confused about what you should or shouldn’t eat? We can help you optimise your diet and nutrition, improve your performance and benefit your long-term health!


Hannah Cartwright is The Abbey Clinics Nutritionist (Anutr) (AfN) ,she also has a psychology degree and therefore understands the strong connection between psychology and nutrition. Hannah’s passion for nutrition and mental health has inspired her to support clients who require nutritional counselling to help improve a negative relationship with food or disordered eating behaviours.

She can also work in conjunction with our Counsellor, Christine, who has a special interest in the psychology of weight loss and eating disorders

Hannah specialises in weight management, gut health and general nutrition to achieve optimum results and performance, and truly believes good nutrition can improve all aspects of one’s life whether that be relationships, concentration and focus at work, energy levels, sleep or mood. 

A one hour consultation will help you to balance your optimum nutritional intake against your weight loss or any other nutritional aims.

Our highly personalised service ensures that you will be able to reach your goal regardless of your lifestyle.

A consultation can be aimed towards many different goals such as;

  • Weight loss programmes
  • Optimal nutrition for children
  • Pregnancy and nutrition
  • Nutrition and a healthy heart
  • High cholesterol
  • Sports nutrition
  • Allergies
  • Healthy eating
  • Vitamins and minerals


What should I expect on my first visit?

Prior to your 1st visit, we will have asked you to fill out a food diary and a registration form. If you can get these back to us beforehand it allows Hannah to assess it before your consultation.

Your 1st session will last 1 hour and Hannah will offer personalised advice on whichever Dietary/Nutritional area you have highlighted with a view to mapping out an achievable course of action to help you achieve your goal.


 Initial  10 min discussion by phone  - available Free of Charge

Dietary and Nutritional Fees
Appointment Length Price
Initial Assesment 60 mins £76.00
Initial Video Session 45mins £57.50
Following appointments 45mins £57.50



Nutrition packages available on request.


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