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Remote Video Consultation

Video consultations carried out in a location to suit you

Remote video consultation proved so popular during the COVID shutdown that we have decided to continue to offer them.

If you need any advice, are injured or want to work on your conditioning give us a call to see if this form of treatment would work for you 01628 481866

If you have health insurance, all the main insurers are now happy to cover video consultations, which confirms that they feel they are beneficial.

If you are paying privately, we appreciate that as a new form of treatment, you may be sceptical as to its benefits. We are so confident that you will find it beneficial that we have the following offer.

If after your initial consultation, you don’t feel it’s worked for you or is not good value, we’ll give you your money back. 

Remote Video Consultation Fees
Treatment Appointment Length Price
Video Physio assessment  45 mins £53.50
Video Physio follow on sessions  30 mins £50.00
Physio Phone consultation 15 mins £29.00
Video Rehab 30 mins £26.00
Rehab Phone consultation 15 mins £14.00
Nutrition initial session 45 mins £60.00


If you want to see how it would all work for each clinical area, please click the related video link below:


To book a consultation or just if want further information please call:

01628 481866 or email:

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Send us an e-mail 01628 481866

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