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Dealing with the structure and health of the foot

What is Podiatry?

The medical discipline that deals with foot health and disease.

What is Biomechanics?

The way bones, muscles and tendons interact to enable movement. A podiatrist specialising in biomechanics can treat many musculoskeletal conditions very effectively with non-invasive methods.

When is there a problem?

Pain and injury can arise when structures of the lower limb are not quite in line with each other when you are walking or running. This is referred to as "malalignment". The slightest individual variation in alignment can be the cause of pain. Orthotic shoe inserts prevent pain and further problems by re-aligning the limb. Lower limb problems are surprisingly common in all ages, yet many go untreated or are treated unsuccessfully because the cause of the symptoms is not treated, and so pain may recur.

What can be done?

The podiatrist will do a biomechanical examination, this involves assessing joint range of movement, testing and observing pain. The cause of the problem is diagnosed and the podiatrist will plan an appropriate treatment plan. In most cases of malalignment, orthotics are the treatment of choice.


Prescription orthotics are medical insoles that are custom made to correct your specific foot imbalance. They work in a similar way that braces work on your teeth, by gently exerting pressure on your feet to bring them back into proper alignment. They simply slip into your shoes and are made of moulded carbon fibre.

Once your feet are working in the way they were designed to, it will help reduce muscle strain, prevent torsion and added stresses being put on the muscles, and ligaments of the knees, hips and lower back. Your body will not have to try and control the poor mechanics and shock absorption will be improved.
Temporary insoles are sometimes prescribed prior to the the issue of a custom made functional foot orthotic.

Rachel has worked tirelessly to get me in shape.

— Mark Gloyens
Podiatry Fees
Treatment Appointment Length Price
Podiatry Assessment 45 mins £91.00
Podiatry Ski Assessment 30 min £77.50
Podiatry Review 30 mins £61.00
Podiatry Recast 30 mins £78.50

Orthotics package
(includes an issue and review appointment)

Two sets of orthotics within a package  


Orthotics   £237.00
Orthotics (2nd/additional set - 10% disc)   £213.30
Orthotic Refurbs   £80.00
Biobasics Orthotic   £49.00


Podiatry Near Me

The clinic is based just outside Marlow in the beautiful grounds of The Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre. The bulk of our customers come from the surrounding aeas of Marlow, Cookham, Bourne End, Henley, Maidenhead and High Wycombe. We are very easy to get to based just off the A404 link road between the M40 & M4, click here for directions.

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